June 5, 2024
MD Hair Shampoo

MD Hair Shampoo Reviews: Does It Work For Hair Regrowth?

Do you want to buy the MD Hair Shampoo? Do you suffer hair loss? Are you looking to maintain a healthy and quality hair and you are considering MD Hair shampoo? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What Is MD Hair Shampoo?

MD hair shampoo is one of MD hair products that completely cleans the hair and scalp. It extracts and clears excess sprays, gels, toxins, and oils on the scalp, leaving it fresh and soft.

It works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT and reducing the effect of DHT on hair follicles. Potent adaptogens, immunomodulators, and inhibitors of 5α-reductase, these mushroom extracts support healthy scalp and regrowth of new hair.

My Experience

I have this problem where my hair always breaks and I’ve tried other products on the market. I ordered the MD hair Shampoo. After a couple of weeks, I noticed a little difference. At first, you will notice some hair loss while using the product. Its not an instantaneous fix.

I’ve been using it for a month now and after I finished the bottle, I haven’t noticed any significant difference at all. I was under the impression hair loss would start to reduce at the 4 week mark but this hasn’t happened for me at all. I cancelled my subscription. I was desperate for it to work but it’s hasn’t been successful for me.

Does It Actually Prevent Hair Loss?

There is mixed evidence that the ingredients in MDhair’s products can benefit hair growth. However, the positive reports are not reliable, which means clinical studies does not affirm these claims.

According to research, MD hair shampoo should be used for at least 12 months for optimal hair regrowth, then continued to maintain results. If Minoxidil is discontinued, hair loss will resume at the same rate as prior to starting. This means that the effect of this product is temporary.


  • It is a temporary solution to hair problems
  • It is FDA approved

Cons: Side Effects

  • It is very expensive
  • It does not work long term, that is, it is not a permanent solution.
  • There are no clinical studies backing the validity of this product

How To Use

  • Shampoo your hair every 1-2 days. 
  • Wet your hair and gently massage the shampoo into the scalp. 
  • Distribute the lather from root to tip. 
  • Leave it on for two minutes and rinse.


MD hair shampoo Uses potent DHT blockers to help stimulate the hair follicles for stronger, thicker hair. Dermatologist formulated and tested. If you are looking for a long lasting solution to your hair problems, then this product is not for you.

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