May 5, 2024

Kumho Tires Reviews: Does Kumho Produce Quality Tires?

Do you want to buy Kumho Tires? Are you a car owner? Are you looking to acquire quality tires for your vehicle and you are considering Kumho tires? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What Is Kumho Tires?

According to research, Kumho Tire is a Korean company that has been in business since the 1960s. Its products are regarded as being high quality and high value, as it offers a wide variety of tires at reasonable prices. Their tires haven’t reached the level of saturation in motorsport and popular culture that brands like Michelin and Pirelli have attained, but Kumho has a strong reputation with enthusiasts and drivers of all types.


There are a couple of online customer reviews, some of which are not very encouraging;

We had a weird grinding sound on turns. My mechanic did the research and were told to check the circumference of the KUMHO tires and found one was smaller than the other three. It was then that the belief it was the viscous coupler going bad. They had to then get new tires (per warranty) and change out the viscous coupler and put the new tires on and then check the rolling circumference again to make sure these tires were in fact the same size.

Once that was repaired it was driven to check and the vibration felt on turns was fixed. And no, the mechanic never said outright that the tires were the problem, but I can read between the lines. …Jessica

Poor quality of a tire. Bought a minivan with these tires. Within 6 months 2 tires blew out and broken belts in others. I would not recommend these tires unless you want to be stranded along road. Be wise. …Sandra

Are These Tires Quality?

Kumho tires claims to offer excellent performance and great longevity, and at the same time will not break your budget in the process. But I’m a bit skeptical about this product as there are a lot of negative reviews online. Potential customers who decide to try out this product are doing so at their own risk.

Kumho tires produce a variety of different types. Each type will have other characteristics to adapt to your usage requirements flexibly. They may include;

  • Kumho Road Venture At51
  • Kumho Crugen HP71
  • Kumho Crugen HT51
  • Kumho Ecsta PA51
  • Kumho Solus TA31
  • Kumho Solus TA11
  • Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22
  • Kumho Ecsta V730


  • Wide variety of available tire styles and sizes
  • Value priced
  • Solid coverage
  • Good warranty


  • Snow/winter options are limited
  • Off-road tires don’t test as well as other brands

Cars That Use This Tire

These tires are considered factory standard on many leading car brands, including 

  • Holden,
  • Hyundai,
  • Kia,
  • Mitsubishi,
  • Ford,
  • BMW and
  • Mercedes Benz.


Kumho tires are pretty good for their price range, and they make the top-of-the-line in terms of quality for mid-level tire brands. Still, they aren’t as good as premium tire brands like Michelin and Continental.

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