May 5, 2024

BedJet Reviews: Can Bedjet Keep Your Bed Cool?

Do you want to buy the BedJet External Hub? Do you feel uncomfortable at night as a result of heat? Are you looking to have a cool sleep at night? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What Is BedJet?

BedJet is air-based, which means there are no lumpy mattress pads, wires, leaky water tubes to sleep on. Because our products use air, they are also incredibly efficient at pulling moisture and sweat from your bedding to keep you cool all night long.

It’s external hub works by drawing in outside air, then adjusts the temperature based on your settings. A heating element allows you to warm the air up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The BedJet does not use any other cooling agents, so the coldest available setting will be on par with your bedroom’s temperature.

My Experience

I saw the Ad for this product online and I decided to try it out. I discovered that it come with its sheet which cost $200 and you can’t use it without the sheet. The Bedjet is very expensive and noisy.

The cool is nice and even from top to bottom, and there’s a slim chance of this sheet coming loose and blocking the hose.

Does It Actually Keep You Cool/Warm At Night?

Acording to research, the BedJet does not use freon or any other cooling agents, so the coldest available setting will be on par with your bedroom’s temperature. The hub connects to an accordion-style hose with a plastic nozzle for directing the air.

The nozzle can be placed under your top sheet, or you can opt for BedJet’s Cloud Sheet. It uses the convective & evaporative methods of cooling, which are extremely effective for keeping you cool in bed if your bedroom temperature is 79 degrees and under.


  • Effortlessly tweaking of the temperature and airflow strength.
  • There’s no odor emanating from the device.


  • I have to put the fan at a higher speed which means it’s loud enough to hear in order to get the same effect.
  • The delivering and customer service is poor
  • BedJet is very expensive

How To Use

  • Make your bed with fitted sheets and Cloud sheets
  • Assemble mattress mount base and slide under mattress
  • Attach Air Hose and Air Nozzle to the Mattress mount
  • Use extending links to adjust nozzle so it rests directly on mattress
  • Attach Air Hose to BedJet
  • Pull Cloud Sheet completely over air Nozzle
  • Turn on BedJet and use remote or App to control


As a customer, you can also achieve single zone cooling/warming without a Cloud Sheet by installing the BedJet air nozzle underneath your regular top sheet. Without the Cloud Sheet, you’ll feel the forced air circulation of the BedJet more directly on your skin. That is if you can afford the cloud sheets.

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