May 9, 2024
Kind Patches

Kind Patches Reviews: Scam Or Legit Sleep Patches?

Do you want to buy Kind Patches? Are you sleep deprived? Are you looking to get better night sleep and you are considering the kind patches? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What Are Kind Patches?

Kind patches are a new type of sleep aid applied directly to the skin. They contain sleep-promoting substances like melatonin and CBD and work by slowly releasing the ingredients into the bloodstream.

Melatonin is a hormone. Your body produces it naturally, but you can also purchase melatonin supplements, This patch takes about 15 minutes to start working . The Good Patch says 20 minutes is average, but everybody is different, so it might take more or less time for the effects to kick in, depending on your physiology

Experience With This Sleep Patches

The kind sleep patches comes in great plants, delivered safely with really nice marketing and super-useful plant guidance.

These patches seem to work but you have to be patient if you wish to see it work. I used it for about 3 weeks and it didn’t feel like it was working anymore. I found myself waking around 2am, going back to sleep would feel like the most difficult thing to do and so I had to stop using it.

Its stickers are thin and you hardly feel it on your skin. The adhesive doesn’t leave behind any marks on your skin. I can only say that it is not worth it and not to be recommended.

Some other customers find it effective and helpful. some of whom include;

Christ says “The choice of plants is amazing. The information provided from the website when deciding to buy the plants to the information about each plant and how to look after them once you’ve brought them is amazing. The way the plants are packaged and delivered is amazing. Definitely packed with care. Everything about patch is amazing.”

Also Chaz says “Great plants, delivered safely. Really nice marketing and super-useful plant guidance. This wasn’t my first Patch purchase, which should illustrate their standards. Well done!”

The above customers found this product effective and helpful which is less of what I can say for myself.

Does It Really Work?

According to research which has not been verified, it is said that melatonin patches differ from other forms of melatonin supplements, studies suggest that the continuous release of melatonin through a transdermal sleep patch can help people stay asleep.

Pros: Benefits

  •  The kind sleep patches is easy to apply and replace.
  • It can be used by both adults and children.

Cons: Side Effects

 Possible side effects may include headaches, dizziness, irritability, temporary depressive feelings, and stomach cramps. It is advised that you meet a health specialist if you notice any side effects resolving from this product.

It is also expensive.

How To Use

  • For kids aged 0-2 years: use 1 patch placed centrally on the body.
  • For kids aged 3-5 years: place 2 patches on the body—one on the torso and one on the legs.
  • For ages 6+: use 2-4 patches—one placed on clothing next to each exposed limb.
  • Care: Once the pack is opened, your SleepyPatch are effective for 6 months.


Kind Sleep patches are a new type of sleep aid applied directly to the skin. One should be careful when buying products such as this. It might have worked for some people based on the online customer reviews and for others like me it did not work for.

To read more on products like this one, you are one click away from enlightenment.

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