May 28, 2024

Sutera Pillows Reviews: Is It As Comfy As Advertised? Read My Review

Are you considering buying the Sutera Pillows? Are you looking to buy Sutera Pillows for improved comfort? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before making a purchase decision.

What is Sutera Pillows?

The Sutera Pillow is an orthopedic model with a distinct butterfly shape engineered to accommodate side, back, and stomach sleeping. Cutouts along the sides give stomach and side sleepers extra space to rest their arms, while the wings contour around a back sleeper’s neck for additional support.

The memory foam adjusts to the weight of your body and then bounces back to its original shape when you get off of it. Sutera Pillow reduces pain in the neck, back, head and shoulder muscles. It also improves snoring and is great for those who suffer from stress or light sleep

Experience with Sutera

There are a lot of online customer reviews regarding this product, some of which include;

Megan Mary says “I like it but not 100% yet. Though I’ll say I haven’t even slept on it yet! it just came in today. I’m excited to try it but I can tell it’ll take getting some adjustment to it because of the unique shape. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and cervical spondylitis. I wake up everyday miserable and my right arm is always ice cold and falls asleep and it wakes me up at night. I’m really hoping the elevated approach helps me. If I remember to come back and update in a couple days I will give an updated review with my thoughts on how it went.”

Deb also says “Allow about an hour for the pillow to regain its full shape. I am a left side sleeper that ends up on my back. I have been waking up with neck pain. I also have positional vertigo so laying flat can be an issue. After the first night, NO NECK PAIN! The pillow WORKS. I need the designer pillow case. Since it is memory foam it can retain body heat. Having a cotton pillow case should help. That’s the reason for 4 stars.” Among others.

Potential customers are allowed to make objective decision on whether or not to buy, but as far as my opinion goes it is worth giving a shot.


  • Ergonomic Planning.
  • No More Inconvenient Sleeping Positions.
  • A Suitable Design. Quick to Clean.
  • Effective in terms of cost.
  • Back Sleepers: Using Your Pillow. S
  • ide sleeper memory foam contour pillow.


  •  Removable machine wash cover & temperature regulating memory foam. 
  • Boost energy, reduce stress, get restful sleep, & relieve back, hip, & joint pain.

How To Use

  1. Remove Dream Deep from the box and let it expand.
  2. Unzip Dream Deep’s cover and remove it. Let the memory foam air out for 12 hours before using.
  3. Replace the removable cover, and get ready for deep, restorative sleep!

Cons: Disadvantages

Sutera doesn’t allow sleepers to control the shape of the pillow based on personal preferences.


While a sleeper can’t bunch or manipulate the Sutera as they would a down or down alternative pillow, the Sutera’s memory foam should naturally mold to the shape of their head and neck. This helps relieve pressure,

Despite its reputation, memory foam is not specifically designed to support the spine or neck. People with back pain problems often recommend avoiding memory foam pillows because they aggravate existing conditions. Memory foam pillows are made from a chemically treated material that responds to body heat.

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