July 14, 2024

Aeroski Reviews: Does It Really Help Burn Calories?

Are you considering enrolling into Aeroski fitness program? Are you looking to sculpt and tone your body as a whole? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before making a purchase decision.

What is Aeroski?

Aeroski is a fitness exercise that uses resistance and balance to tone your upper body, lower body and core in one fun simple workout, by providing a total-body workout that combines cardio and resistance training, while improving your strength and endurance without added impact on your joints.

It works by burning calories and toning muscles  and more efficient than other popular home workouts like stationary cycling or running on a treadmill. It could be beneficial in ways like increased endurance, strengthened and toned muscles, and higher calorie burn, which promotes weight loss.

My Experience

I was looking to burn some calories, so I decided to try out Aeroski fitness program. At first I felt unsteady and felt the need to use the hand rail or poles for stability. With time I was able to put my arms out to the sides to maintain balance.

After testing the system for several weeks, I can say that Aeroski is a goog alternative to traditional strength training. Not only does it sculpt and tone your entire body, but the resistance-based classes are also designed to improve your mobility, stability and flexibility. You can also ski in the comfort of your home. But Unfortunately, it does not last for too long, springs broke, rollers wearing paint off, digital counter doesn’t work.

Does It Really Work?

I feel like this is a great machine for beginners. I am a runner and exercise daily and do not feel this machine benefits me that much unfortunately. I do feel it could be great for those just starting out.

Aeroski claims to work all major muscle groups through Plyometric training, improving your strength and endurance. It uses resistance and balance to tone your upper body, lower body, promoting high calorie burn as a result leads to weight loss.


  • It is quick and easy to use
  • It can be used in the comfort of your home
  • It is also affordable

How To Use

  • Assemble the Aeroski machine, you can watch a video on how to do that
  • Get on the motor and start your ski-ing exercise


  • Poor customer service
  • Unsatisfactory product delivery policy.
  • And their return policy is outrageous


Aeroski is fun, I find that I like the motion. A little hard to get on but you will get used to it. I think it is best for beginners like us who are yet to master the exercise. But not worth recommending for professionals who already are used to exercises like this.

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