July 15, 2024

Hexclad Reviews: Is Hexclad Pan Really That Good?

Do you want to buy Hexclad Pan? Are you looking to switch to a healthier cookware and you are considering Hexclad Pan? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What is Hexclad Pan?

HexClad is a cooking Pan that combines non-stick properties with stainless steel, with a non-stick layer under the steel hexagons that prevents food from sticking as it would on standard stainless. It claims to be sturdy, resilient and retains a tremendous amount of heat.

This cookware is very pricey, but claims to be worth the money and will pay for itself ten times over. And not only does the Pan do the work of three other pans but it’s also built to last. It might very well be the last pan you ever buy. We are about to verify whether or not the above claims are actually true. Ensure to read to the end to find out more.

Experience With Hexclad

I received my HexClad Pan from my mom as a gift. I would say that it is great for steaks, chicken, and other large meaty things. And it seems to do stir fry well too. But it doesn’t do things like eggs well. it cleans up easily and the stuck part of the egg wiped away without issue.

I think the problem lies in the hexagonal nature of the pan surface, too many places for food to stick while cooking. But, it is important to pay attention to their warning about cooking at lower than usual temperatures. It is really only for low temperature cooking,

These pans do take a little extra care compared to traditional non-stick but less effort than with stainless steel pans.

Is It Really That Good?

Yes it is. I admit that at first I was put off by the price and was skeptical about the claim to be nonstick. I took a deep breath and decided to give a try. So happy I did. Easy to use and, even better, easy to clean up. Even when I had a reason to contact Customer Service, they had a quick response and better results than I expected.

I have been cooking with them for a couple of months now and I did actually purchased the pots later.

Pros: Benefits

  • HexClad Pan is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The customer service is responsive and very helpful.

Cons: Disadvantages

  • Only cooks food at a very low temperature.
  • This Pan is very expensive.

How To Use

  • Wash your Pan before use.
  • Season your Pan by heating the it to medium-low heat.
  • Use the proper heat level.
  • HexClad is designed to heat evenly and faster.
  • Clean and maintain your cookware.


To avoid sticking which often occurs when you use too much heat. This cookware is desugned to heat up much faster than typical cookware. Often times, new customers tend to cook on too high of heat, but low heat is key! It is recommended to start on medium-low heat with a little bit of oil. With that being said, this product is worth recommending and is well worth the cost.

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