July 23, 2024
Alien Tape

Alien Tape Reviews: Does It Truly Defy Gravity? Let’s Find Out!

Do you want to buy Alien Tape? Does it actually lock anything into place instantly? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What is Alien Tape?

Alien Tape is the incredible new advanced-grip technology tape that claims to instantly locks anything into place without screws or anchors. It’s also reusable just remove, rinse and reuse. Use it again and it’s just as strong. Alien Tape defies gravity, even when it’s wet.

The unique quality is the advanced nano-grip technology which is like millions of microscopic suction cups that lock on and hold tight to any surface. Pull to release the suction and it comes right off. Alien Tape grips to everything, instantly. Hang heavy pictures onto any surface.

Experience With This Advanced-Grip Technology

I was sick of having to drill holes in the wall whenever I want to hang a picture or a frame. The Alien tape was being advertised online, so I decided to give it a go.

I was able to use it to hang some pictures in my home and a few things I had sitting around the house. But it wouldn’t stick long for a mirror and a very large picture and I haven’t figure out how to hang them. But be careful because it might peel off the paint on your walls when you take them down.

I would advise you read directions because I wouldn’t use on painted walls.

Does Alien Tape Work For Any Surface?

This tape is claims to be multifunctional and reusable and that It can be used indoor or outdoor and is weather resistant. But It can not be used on painted surfaces as it would peel off the paint you have on your wall when it’s time for removal. But can be used on surfaces like brick, wood, marble, tile, metal, glass and plastic.

Pros: Benefits

  • Alien Tape is can be reused.
  • Alien tape also known as Nano Tape is also a strong adhesive heavy duty tape.
  • Prevent the use of screws and drilling of holes into the wall.

How To Use

To learn how to effectively use this Nano tape, you can click on the link.

Cons: Critics

It can not be used on painted surfaces as it will peel off the paint in the event of removal.


The Alien tape claims to be great for hanging pictures and decorations, shelving and hanging tools. However, preventing the of use a nail or screw to hang things again. But do note to avoid painted surfaces in your home.

For more review information on products like this, check it out by clicking on this link.

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