September 8, 2023

Wush Pro Ear Cleaner Review: Is This Ear Wax Remover Truly Effective? Check!

Have you been searching for the best ear cleaner that will safely, effectively and gently remove wax from your ears? Wondering whether Wush Pro Ear Cleaner is the best product to help you achieve that? Then read this review is for you. Read till the end review to know whether it is worth buying or not.

It is common to see several products online claiming that they provide the best services in the market. This is as a result of the fact that people are always seeking for easier ways to get quality services with lesser cost. Therefore, one need to thread with caution.

About Wush Pro Ear Cleaner

Wush Pro Ear Cleaner is a product owned by Black Wolf. It is a rechargeable, water-powered ear cleaner. The triple jet stream that comes with it helps to loosen and prevent wax buildup just by pressing a button. According to the manufacturers, this deluxe water Powered Ear Cleaner gently rinses out wax. It massages triple-spray of water and does not push in wax like a cotton swab does.

Wush pro ear cleaner

Now, the question here is this: Does Wush pro ear cleaner really work as it is being showcased? We will uncover that shortly.

Features of Wush Pro ear cleaner

Wush ear cleaner pro version comes in a rubberized shell which includes 1 ear irrigator, 1 water basin, 6 tips, and a USB charging cord. It also features a massaging triple jet stream with 3 pressure settings, from a gentle clean to wax removal. 

How to use

Using this product involves the following steps:

Step 1: Open the tip and fill the basin with warm water. ( Use this ear cleaner with warm water only. Using room temperature and cold water may lead to dizziness)
Step 2: Tilting your head to the direction of the ear you are using it on, flip the nozzle, and spray! (Tilt your head again to remove the water after spraying)

Step 3: Dry your ears gently either with a dry q-tip or tissue so that water will not enter go back into the ears.

(Note: For maximum satisfaction, use Wush ear cleaner at least twice in a week).

Features of Wush ear cleaner

Does WUSH Pro Really Work? Here’s my experience:

When I first heard of this ear cleaner, I doubted its effectiveness. Notwithstanding, I went on to give it a try since I needed to get rid of those ear wax that was causing me discomfort. I found it easy to use unlike other methods of wax removal. I also liked the fact that it can be used while in the shower.

However, the water reservoir is not big enough and I had a hard time trying to refill the basin. After few weeks of using the ear cleaner, it started developing faults; the nozzles no longer brings out water and it also stopped charging. The device did not last long but It was quite helpful in eliminating my ear wax. It just needs to be improved on to serve better.

Where to purchase it

You can buy this product either from their official website(, E-commerce stores like Walmart and Amazon or from retail stores around you. The product is sold for $69.99.

Is Wush Pro Ear Cleaner Safe To Use?

Generally, Wush Pro Ear Cleaner is safe to use. However, Experts warns against putting anything in the ear because it is common to experience side effects or complications after use. American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation stated that “The physical removal of earwax should only be performed by a healthcare provider.”

Also, an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon specializing in neurotology at Wexner Medical Center of Ohio State University in Columbus, Oliver Adunka, has made it clear that some of these ear wax remover devices are flat-out dangerous.

Side Effects Of Wush Pro Cleaner

The most common side effects of using Wush pro cleaner are temporary dizziness, ear canal discomfort/ pain as well as tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


  • It is gentle to the ears.
  • We found several positive reviews of this products on e-commerce stores like Amazon.
  • The tip of this ear cleaner is reusable
  • It is easy to use compared to buds and syringes.
  • It does not cause harm to the eardrums
  • It can be configured in any way that suits you.


  • The water basin is not big enough.
  • The mode button is bit discomforting
  • You will experience a huge struggle trying to refill the reservoir especially when in the shower.

Is Wush pro ear cleaner worth your money?

Wush ear cleaner is an effective Ear Wax Removal Kit. Although, some users are of the opinion that they found it uncomfortable and people with existing ear issues should use it only with the approval of doctors. However, it is generally safe to use but it still needs some improvement to provide perfect satisfaction. Other products we have reviewed are Numiere Plus, Miyanxi tooth powder and Smartshavy hair eraser

Have you made use of Wush pro ear cleaner ? Did it work well for you? Kindly drop a message in the comment section telling us about your experience.


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