July 14, 2024

Liftid Reviews: Does It Improve Brain Focus? Here Is My Review

Do you want to buy Liftid Neurostimulation? Does it actually work for improved brain focus? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What is Liftid?

Liftid Neurostimulation developed by Theodore H. Schwartz, MD claims to put all users in the mindset to boost their brain’s potential through mild electrical stimulation, thereby, over time, providing a brain training routine to improve focus, productivity, and performance.

Liftid brain devices are based on mild electrical stimulation. This process claims target very specific parts of your brain to support better blood flow, the release of more neurons, and increased activity.

Experience With Liftid

I find it easy to operate and maintain. While I don’t notice a complete change in my focus, I find the electrode bit prickly. I get much deeper meditation and it has improved motivation, getting lot more done. It can only be used for 20 minutes.

Another thing about this product is that you might experience mild irritation or red marks under the two electrode sponges if you have a sensitive skin and it cannot be used on any other part of the body except on the forehead.

Does Liftid Help With Brain Focus?

It does improve focus for short period of time (usage period). It does not have a permanent effect on the brain. LIFTiD Neurostimulation is programmed to deliver a constant, low level direct current, to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex region of the brain, throughout every stimulation session.

 It is important to follow the recommended guidelines for use of the device. Longer duration of stimulation does not translate to an increased effect.

Pros: Benefits

  • It improve focus or memory, mood, or even dementia, according to tDCS advocates.
  • It also improve symptoms of ADHD or Alzheimer’s disease.

How To Use

  1. Prepare a “salt water solution” in the 2-ounce bottle provided.
  2. Take out 2 dry sponges or damp sponges from a prior session.
  3. Squirt the salt water solution from the 2-ounce bottle provided on each sponge so they are entirely soaked.
  4. Place one sponge in each electrode so the sponges are flat and smooth.

Cons: Critics

  • If you have sensitive skin, you may experience mild irritation or red marks under the two electrode sponges. This is normal and the marks will fade away.
  • It cannot be used on any other areas of the body. This device is only intended to be used on the forehead.
  • Avoid using if you have epilepsy, seizures, brain lesions, or severe heart disease.
  • Not meant for pregnant women.


According to research, the primary effects of tDCS are not permanent. In fact, many studies show that twenty minutes of tDCS alters brain physiology for roughly one hour, after which the brain’s function returns to its baseline. This implies that the effects of tDCS are short lived and the device must be worn during the period of time when the effect is desired.

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