July 23, 2024

Does Reverse Health Really Work? Feel Free To Read Through My Review

Are you considering starting a Reverse Health Dieting? Are you looking to lose that weight? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before making a purchase decision.

What is Reverse Dieting?

Reverse dieting created by Matthew Jones, a sports nutritionist, and Monika, a lifestyle and mindset coach involves slowly increasing your food intake after a low-calorie diet. The goal is to avoid the weight gain that might come from returning to a certain calorie level too quickly. It isn’t a diet as much as a post-diet strategy. It is actually a tactic that bodybuilders originally used.

According to Keatley, Reverse Health works by take a look at your caloric intake on the restrictive diet you were on and slowly adding more calories until you get to a new baseline where you can maintain your desired weight.

My Experience: Does It Work?

I was looking to get rid of my belly fat. So, I decided to try the Reverse Heath Dieting. I have only been a member for a month and i have noticed some changes but because there is no medical backing i am a bit reluctant to continue.

I also noticed that the online customer reviews are just on the official website and the legitimacy of this reverse dieting is debatable. Therefore I advise potential customers to be careful in making the decision of whether to buy or not.


It works by increasing calories to rev up your metabolism.

It’s often used by bodybuilders after a low calorie regimen.

It’s thought to create more energy, help reduce hunger, and break through weight loss barriers. 

How To Become a Member

Reverse Health is a membership-based service where one needs the app to participate, a simple price breakdown by program duration is as follows;

  • 1-month Reverse membership: $30.44 monthly (or $7.61 weekly)
  • 3-month Reverse membership: $62 for the first 3 months (or $4.77 weekly)
  • 6-month Reverse membership: $72 for the first 6 months (or $2.79 weekly)


Women who have previously tried the Reverse Health Program have reported healthy and sustainable weight, improved visual appearance, increased confidence level, improved sleep, mood, and energy, and reduced bloating, cravings, menopausal symptoms, and inflammation in the joints.

There are positive online customer reviews on the official website like, Pamela says “Its working! I have tried so many things to loose weight. This is a the FIRST time I seen progress! And I am just starting! The best part I don’t feel like I am on a diet”.

Cons: Side Effects Of This Product

Fatigue/less energy. Less motivation for exercise and usually fewer calories burned through activity.

Decreased non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which is all the activity you do daily besides purposeful workouts.

Changes in digestion, including things slowing down, which may result in bloating and constipation.


In as much as the fact that Reverse Dieting has been popular in the bodybuilding community as a way to prevent rapid weight gain after a competition, there’s little or no science backing in the use of reverse dieting for weight loss.

For more review information on products like this, check it out by clicking on this link.

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