May 30, 2024
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ICCU Scam Text 2023: Fraud Tricks Revealed Here! Do Not Fall Victim!

The ICCU Scam Text is the recent scam that has been making wave over the internet. Have you been sent a text from Idaho Centre Credit Union telling you that there is an irregularity in your account and asking you to click on a link to resolve it? Do not click on any of those links on the text message! It is a huge scam. This review uncovers the fraudulent activities of this scammers and offers tips on how to detect scam texts and avoid them. Read till the end.

Phishing (Email scams) and Smishing (Fraud through Text messages) are on the increase these days. Scammers are now coming up with several ways to defraud people on a daily basis. One of the ways they do this is by sending text messages to people prompting them to release vital information or even gaining access to their information without their knowledge. Receivers of such texts are therefore advised to always carry out due diligence before giving out any information about themselves.

What is The ICCU Scam Text All About?

ICCU Scam Text is a text message sent by fraudsters disguising themselves as Idaho Centre Credit Union (ICCU). The text message says that an issue was discovered in your account or that your account is outdated and you will need to update it before you can access it. They also attach a link with which to provide relevant information about you. Do not fall for it.

How does ICCU Scam Text Work?

In order to appear genuine, Cyber criminals employ like those behind the ICCU Scam Text employ different strategies. This includes trying to convince customers that someone is trying to steal from their account or telling them that their account needs to be updated as soon as possible or else, it will be blocked. They instill fear on their victims so that they will click on the link attached in the text immediately. Once they click on it, their personal details is collected by these scammers.

ICCU Scam Text
ICCU Scam Text message

How to Detect ICCU Scam Text.

Below are some of the ways you can identify a scam text by fraudsters.

  • They make the text sound urgent and give penalty for those who default. This is to instill fear and make the receiver do what they said.
  • They disguise to be a reputable agency, steal the agency’s official logo and address just to convince customers.
  • They send links to malicious sites to get your personal information and steal from you.
  • There are usually errors in their email address or the content of the mail or text.
  • Majority of them only make use of text messages and chats.

6 Ways To Avoid Being Scammed By These Fraudsters.

In order not to be a victim of the ICCU Scam Text or any other fake agency, follow these instructions:

  • Do not click on any link or download attachment from an unknown sender: Do not be in a hurry to click on any link sent in a mail or text message from someone you do not know.
  • Check the URL of the links they sent: Is there is an error in the URL or even the content of the text message like misspelling or omission, then know it is a scam.
  • Carry out your investigation: Before clicking on any link, do a research to know if they are actually it is actually coming from the said organization. This will save you a lot.
  • Do not disclose your personal information anyhow: No genuine agency will request that you provide personal information such as bank account details, password information and others immediately.
  • Report suspicious email or text: As soon as you discover a fraudulent text or email, report to your local enforcement agency so that they will take actions to stop further scam activities. If you have already shared your personal or financial information with these scammers, all you just have to do is to shut down your cards with a feature like CardControl, then report the incident.
  • Tell others about the ICCU scam Text: Enlighten your friends and family member about the ongoing scam so that they will be aware and not fall victim.


People should be cautious of the information they give out about themselves. There are many scammers out there targeting unsuspecting people. Sadly, ICCU Scam Text is one of the viral scams over the internet recently. To stay safe from these fraudsters, you have to adhere to the instructions given above. ICCU Customers should report such scams to [email protected] or 1-800-456-5067. Click Here to see a list of phishing scams to avoid. Other online scams we have reviewed are Johnston Vere Scam Recruitment and Elgan Pharma Scam


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