May 17, 2024
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Wree Solar Powered Deicer Review: Fake Deicing Device! Truth Exposed-Do Not Buy!

Are you looking for an effective deicing instrument for your home and you heard about Wree Solar Powered Deicer? Do you wish to know whether those claims from ads on social media and other sites promoting this product are genuine? Then check out this review.

Unfortunately, we have carried out our investigations and we found out that Wree Solar-Powered Electromagnetic Resonance De-Icing Light is not what it claims to be. We will be exposing the truth about this product in this review. Read on!

Overview Of Wree Solar Powered Deicer.

Wree Solar Powered Deicer is a deicing light claims to be the most effective deicing solution for your home surrounding that has been affected by snowstorm. This, they say is made possible with the help of its smart temperature technology. Therefore, you do not have to worry about electric bills since the device is powered by the sun.

Wree Solar Powered Deicer
Wree Solar Powered Deicer.

Some Claimed Benefits Of Wree Solar Powered Deicer.

  • All-Round Deicing
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Solar powered, no external power supply required.

However, as convincing and good as this seems, it is far from being the case in reality. We will uncover the downsides of this product shortly.

Does It Really Work? Here’s My Experience Using Wree Solar Powered Deicer.

I was skeptical when i first got to know about the product because I had tried out other deicing device like Heat Wolf Deicer and Bikenda Snow Removal and they did not also work. However, after hearing the so called benefits of this device, I decided to try it out with the hope that it will help eradicate snows and ice that usually obstruct my view while driving and those in my home. I quickly placed an order for it. To my greatest surprise, when it arrived, I opened it and discovered that the product is not even a deicer. It does not remove snows like they claim it does.

I tried reaching out to the customer service to express my disappointment and possibly get a refund but there has not been any response from them till this moment. I wish I never spent my hard earned money on this deceit of a product.

Drawbacks Of Wree Solar Powered Deicer.

Below are some of the suspicious information we found about this Solar Powered Deicing Instrument.

Not Built On Any Unique Technology.

The claim that this product came about as a result of a unique scientific technology is a blatant lie. It is just a mere strategy to lure people into thinking that they are genuine.

Negative Reviews From Users.

There are negative reviews from users of this product on Amazon as well as other sites. People complained that this they were not satisfied with the product they got; it does not work. This device is not what they thought it to be. Their customer service is not even functional so getting a refund is impossible.

It Is Pricey.

The truth is that this product is actually being drop shipped and rebranded. It is sold being for $1 on Alibaba, yet, the people behind this are selling it for $22.95 to $99.95. The margin between the two prices is way too high. Why spend so much buying this device from them when there are other cheaper options out there.

Bogus claims

The promotional ads on flying around on social media is just deceptive. Their marketing strategy is centered on falsehood. Do not listen to them. You will only get to find out that you have been scammed after placing your order.

Is Wree Solar Powered Deicer Worth Your Money?

The answer is NO! Wree Solar Powered Deicer is not what they portray it to be. The bogus claims, high cost, poor quality and other complains are enough prove that this product is a sham and is not worth your money. As a result, I do not recommend this product. Click here to see effective ways to defrost your car this winter season. Other products we have reviewed are Spartan Grey Hair Reverse Bar, Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser and Legxercise Pro

Have you made use of Wree Solar Powered Deicer? Did it work well for you? Kindly drop a message in the comment section telling us about your experience.


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