June 3, 2024

Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser Review 2023: Is This Device Truly Effective? Find Out!

Do you wish to get rid of unwanted body hairs permanently? Tired of waxing or lasers? Wondering whether Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser is the really the perfect product that will give you the smooth skin you desire? Then this review is for you.

This review gives a detailed explanation of this device which includes the benefits, downsides, features, user experience and other important information. This would to help you decide whether it is worth buying or not. Read till the end!

About Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser.

Bleame Hair Eraser is a unisex hair removal device that is said to be capable of removing hairs gently from the root. According to the manufacturers, the device uses precision Nano-Crystalline technology to painlessly remove unwanted hairs from the skin surface without cuts or nicks and also slow down regrowth of hair.

Now, the question here is this: Does Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser really work as it is being showcased? We will uncover that shortly.

Features Of Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser

Bleame Crystal Hair Removal is reusable and can last for up to three years. It does not make use with battery. This device can be used on places where hairs grow such as face, groin, abdomen, Bikini area, arms and legs. The product dimension is 4.3 x 2.8 x 0.98 inches; 2.89 Ounces.

Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser
Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser

How To Use.

Using this device involves the following steps.

Step 1: Rub the device gently on your dry skin in a circular motion after bath.

Step 2: Clean your skin with cold water.

Step 3: After each treatment, apply a moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps till you are satisfied with the result.

Is It Good For All Hair Types?

Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser works well on body parts with thin and fine hair. Those places with thick hairs requires more force when used on which may lead to injuries or pains.

Is Bleame Hair Remover Safe To Use?

Bleame crystal hair eraser is generally safe to use but may not be suitable for all skin type. Users whose skin are sensitive are likely to experience side effects such as skin irritations like bumps.

Does Bleame Crystal Hair Remover Really Work? Here’s My Experience Using It:

After a long time of battling with frequent hair growth, I decided to try Bleame Crystal hair eraser since all the traditional hair removal methods were not working for me. I was skeptical at first but I still went on to purchase the device. As soon as it was delivered to me, I tried it out on my legs and arms first. To my greatest surprise, it worked. The hairs went off completely just with few passes. My legs and arms became smoother than before.

However, I went on to try it on my knees and ankles but it did not give me the result I wanted. There were still some hairs left. Another issue I discovered was that the device became painful as I continued using it. I had red bumps on my skin which cleared up after using ointment on it though. I guess it was because my skin is sensitive. I also noticed that after some time, the device was no longer removing hairs totally the way it used to do when I bought it newly.

Generally, I will say that the device works to some extent depending on your kind of skin and the body parts it is used on. There still needs to be an improvement on the product to serve users better.


  • It is reusable
  • It removes hairs though not on all body parts.
  • It is travel friendly
  • Can be used on all parts of the body that grows hair.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is affordable.


  • When used continuously, you may start experiencing pains and injuries.
  • It is not suitable for all skin types.
  • It does not remove hairs completely from the ankle, elbow and knees.

Where To Buy.

This hair eraser device is sold on their official website (bleame.com). You can also get it from E-commerce stores like Amazon. It is sold for $39 on the website and $11.99 on Amazon.

Is Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser Worth Your Money?

Bleame hair remover is a product that is said to be capable of removing unwanted hairs from the body. There are both positive and negative customer reviews on Amazon. However, you have to be careful when using this product to avoid reactions especially if you have a sensitive skin.

No doubt, hair removal devices can be helpful in erasing hairs, However, we advise buyers to always carry out due diligence before purchasing any of these product so as not to regret their actions. There are many fake products in the market. Some of these devices can cause more damage to your skin. Other products we have reviewed are Renew Hair X, Glowbirds and Smartshavy hair eraser

Have you made use of Bleame Crystal Hair Eraser? Did it work well for you? Kindly drop a message in the comment section telling us about your experience.


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