July 14, 2024
Byrna Gun

Byrna Gun Reviews: Is It Actually Effective? Let’s Find Out!

Do you want to buy Byrna Gun? Can it actually disable a threat from up to 60-feet away? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What is Byrna Gun?

Byrna Launcher are powered by compressed air (CO2), the Byrna handheld pistols and rifles shoot .68 caliber round kinetic and/or chemical irritant projectiles that claims to disable a threat from up to 60-feet away. It is an incredibly powerful and non-lethal self-defense weapon.

The Byrna LE features a completely redesigned trigger interface and valve assembly to fire .68 caliber rounds at speed of up to 340 feet per second.

Experience With Byrna

I am yet to get one but it looks real and i am loving the idea of this invention.

The idea is simple enough, something with a little stopping force to prevent further approach or cause enough harm to an assailant that they would retreat, all-the-while being safe enough to keep in a bedside drawer.

Is Byrna Gun Capable of Disabling a Threat?

According to research, it is estimated to be more than 90% effective in stopping an assailant, making it a popular choice for self-defense. And customers are satisfied with this product based on the online reviews. Like

Ron says “Great non-lethal gun. I wear it on my duty belt all the time. Feels great in my hand, not heavy at all. I already bought a holster for it and for the mags”.

Pros: Benefits

  • The Byrna gun is a less lethal weapon that fires projectiles filled with pepper spray.
  • The Byrna gun is an ideal self-defense tool as it can stop an attacker at a safe distance without causing serious injury.

How To Use

To effectively learn how to use this non-lethal, self-defense gun. Kindly click the link.


The Byrna SD Launcher is reliable, rugged, effective to 60 feet and still small enough to go on an officer’s belt.

For more review information on products like this, check it out by clicking on this link.

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