May 5, 2024

Clarifion Reviews: Is It an Effective Air Purifier? Here Is My Review

Do you want to buy Clarifion Purifier? Does it actually work as an Air Purifier? Carefully read through this review to know more about this product. Find out all you need to know before you decide to buy.

What is Clarifion Purifier?

The Clarifion Plug In Air Purifier comes in a small box and you just unpack it and plug it into an outlet and it begins to work to help improve indoor air pollution by eliminating allergens, germs, smoke, bacteria, and pet dander from the air. It works to help clean air at an affordable price.

It claims to work as a Negative Ion Generator. That is, it releases negative ions that latch onto airborne particles, in effect weighing them down so they don’t stay afloat and linger in the air. It literally works to pull pollutants out of the air.

Experience With Clarifion

I plugged in two of these into my room, and noticed a decrease of dust in my home. I would like to rate this product, but I have only had it installed for a week, but can’t really tell if it’s working. But only time will tell.

Does Clarifion Purify Air?

Clarifion reduces indoor air pollution by using negative ions to attract and eliminate airborne pollutants, bacteria, viruses, dust particles and allergens from the air.

You just plug Clarifion in and it starts working to make fresh air. It has a blue light when it is plugged in to show you that it is working to achieve the high-quality air you need in your home. You can buy Clarifion at Walmart or Amazon but if you buy it at the official website

Pros: Benefits

No Air Filter Required: It uses negative ion technology, which means you won’t have to spend time and money on replacement air filters.

May Help With Allergens: Negative ions attach to floating allergens like dust, dander, pollen, and more. Use this air ionizer and freshener for pets and pet dander.

How To Use This Purifier

You just plug Clarifion in and it starts working to make fresh air.

Cons: Critics

  • You get no form filters to clean the different bacteria and odors in the air.
  • It may even cause issues as it does produce ozone.


Ionic air cleaners generate ozone as a by-product. The EPA has classed ozone as toxic, noting that it can cause lung damage, amongst other respiratory-related issues. In some cases, it can even cause death.

For more review information on products like this, check it out by clicking on this link.

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